AC Compress - Reconditioning is a matter of precision

Air-conditioning is increasingly becoming a standard feature in new cars. After a few years, however, problems may start occurring, in particular with the compressor. But having it repaired or replaced is a costly affair. Fortunately, AC Compress has developed an excellent alternative: reconditioning.

AC Compress is a sister company of Aircontrol, a wholesaler in airconditioning systems. After many years in the sector, including with an own service station, Aircontrol identified a clear market need for a fast and reliable reconditioning service for compressors. Backed by experience, specialisation and quality care, AC Compresscan, within days,deliver customers throughout Europe with an excellent reconditioned compressor that is every bit as good as a new model.

Revisie is een zaak van precisie

On delivery, AC Compress includes the test data that proves that a reconditioned compressor achieves 100% of the technical specifications of a new compressor.

AC Compress stands -also in thecase of specials - for fast delivery, first-class service and top quality. All geared up to giving compressors a new lease of life.

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